Information Technology Quiz

Information Technology Quiz

In the information technology quiz, you will find some important questions about IT. After 2016, many big discoveries have been made in the world in information technology. Many technologies have been developed.
When you are saying this information technology quiz, it is also possible due to information technology, because of information technology, we are able to complete big and difficult tasks in a few minutes.

Today, we are surrounded by information technology from all sides, we cannot do much work without information technology for the whole day, so let's see how much you know about information technology?


Q.1) Which Type Of Network Uses Telephone Lines?


Q.2) The Number System That Is The Computer Operations As


Q.3) What Is One Way To, Protect Your Computer From Viruses?


Q.4) A Communication Port Is Used To


Q.5) Which Is / Are The Part Of Lan Topology ?


Q.6) Www Is A


Q.7) Java Is A


Q.8) Which Is A Processor Of Computer?


Q.9) Lan Is A


Q.10) Which Of The Following Is An Example Of Non-volatile Memory


Q.11) Which Is The Part Of The Computer System That One Can Physically Touch


Q.12) Ic Chips Used In Computers Are Usually Made Of


Q.13) Which Protocol Is Used To Received Mail?


Q.14) In Computer Science, Trojan Refer To


Q.15) Mac Operating System Developed By.


Q.16) Where Is The Headquarter Of Microsoft Office Located?


Q.17) Which Of The Following Is A Database Management System ?


Q.18) Why Firewall Use In Computer ?


Q.19) Which One Is The First Search Engine On Internet?