Fast Food Trivia Questions and Answers

Fast Food Trivia Questions and Answers

Fast food trivia questions and answers quiz has 20 questions that are fast food. Fast food is a craze in Weston country, which people like very much. Obviously, if you like this too, then play this quiz and know how much you know fast food.

Fast food is a very old civilization which has been going on for years. Years ago, street vendors used to sell fast food for less money but now it is available in hotels and restaurants.

Do you know who built the world's largest hamburger? Do you know how many restaurants McDonald's has? Find out here many interesting fast food quiz .


Q.1) Which City Did Jack In The Box First Open In?


Q.2) What Is The Most Popular Slogan For Burger King?


Q.3) What Is The Name Of Mcdonald's Most Famous Burger?


Q.4) Which Fast Food Place Had The Very First Drive-through Window?


Q.5) What Is The Name Of The Big Mac In India?


Q.6) Mcdonalds Operates In How Many Countries?


Q.7) Which Has Been On The Mcdonald's Menu The Longest?


Q.8) What Year Did The First Mcdonald's Restaurant Open In The Uk?


Q.9) Where Is Mcdonald's Headquarters Located?


Q.10) The First Fish And Chips Shop In The World Opened In


Q.11) The Largest Hamburger Weighs Was ?


Q.12) Who Deliver Pizza To Outer Space ?


Q.13) How Many Calories Does A Glass Of Water Contain?


Q.14) What Is The Best Selling Flavour Of Soup In The Uk?


Q.15) What Type Of Food Is Pumpernickel?


Q.16) The Mcdonald's Ad "i'm Lovin It", Is Taken From Where?


Q.17) What Company Supplies Mcdonald's With Its Cooking Oil?


Q.18) The First Mcdonald's Franchise Opened In Phoenix In What Year?


Q.19) When Was Mcdonald’s Founded?


Q.20) What Fast Food Restaurant Sells The Big Mac?